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Icelandic Rooster - one of the original 11 chicks hatched in December 2003
Icelandic Chicks 

Lyle Behl of Behl Farms

In November, 2003 Lyle was amount a group of 12 North American Icelandic Sheep breeders attending the AI Seminar in Iceland. Before leaving for Iceland he expressed an interest in bringing back hatching eggs of the Old Icelandic Chicken Race. Mundi of Southram offered to look into the matter and was able to make the necessary contacts, acquiring the proper health certificates. Lyle then applied for the import permit and when the seminar concluded he left Iceland with 3 dozen hatching eggs.  

From those eggs 11 chicks hatched in December 2003. Those 11 chicks, 7 hens and 4 roosters, survived to adulthood. On May 7, 2004 the first Icelandic egg was laid. The 7 hens proved to be good layers and most of the eggs they produced were set under broody hens or placed in an incubator for hatching. 

The first hatching was from a broody hen and produced 13 chicks from 15 eggs. Many more chicks were hatched throughout the summer and most survived despite the resident Cooper's hawk enjoying several chicken dinners. When the hens went broody Lyle allowed them to set and raise their babies. All of the hens were very good setters and mothers. The colors and color combinations that resulted are incredible and many have feathers caps or crests.  

In 2005 eggs were first available by USPS and chicks and/or adults were able to be picked up at the farm.

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